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2 Carat Radiant Engagement Ring – Super trend 2022!

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you should take a look at the 2 carat radiant engagement ring, an elegant and beautiful piece that will melt the heart of any woman. Not only is it the perfect engagement ring a man can buy for a woman, but if you’re a collector of fine jewelry, you’ll appreciate the beauty and elegance of the radiant cut diamond and other features.


Henry Grossbard designed the radiant cut diamond in the ’70s, intending to create a diamond that looked larger (keyword “looked”) than the average diamond. He wanted to enhance the natural beauty of the diamond, so instead of cutting more of the diamond, he only removed certain parts.  

What Are Radiant Cut Diamonds? 

The radiant cut diamond was the first square/rectangular-cut diamond with an entirely brilliant-cut facet on both the crown and pavilion of the ring. Because of this effect, it creates a vibrant, lively, and sparkly square diamond. It was the first diamond cut of its kind.

Although the cut was designed in the ’70s, it only became famous in the ’80s. It created a bridge between the elongated cushion cut and princess cut, emphasizing the best qualities of both. A radiant cut diamond can look beautiful as either a rounded or square cornered-shaped diamond. 


A 2 carat radiant engagement ring’s cut diamonds can vary in shape and size, enhancing their beauty or taking away from it. In the more rectangular cut, you’ll find a near-invisible bow-tie effect, which experts can only determine through visual inspection. It’s best to have the diamond inspected adequately before purchasing it. 

Radiant Cut Diamonds: Advantages And Disadvantages

The 2 carat radiant engagement ring radiant cut diamond has its own set of unique pros and cons. Listed below are some of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Larger in size – due to the cut of the diamond, 2 carat radiant engagement rings diamond look larger than other diamonds
  • Extra brilliance – the diamond has aunique brilliance, fire, and sparkle that makes it stand out
  • Value for money – the 2 carat radiant engagement ring is more affordable because of its cutting process. Due to this, it retains more of the diamond’s natural beauty, and it’s rawer than other diamonds. 
  • More durable – The diamond is less likely to chip or break because of the beveled corners. 


  • No GIA quality grades – Because of the diamond’s natural and raw essence, the GIA, unfortunately, doesn’t grade the cut quality for a radiant cut diamond. Hence, you need to do it yourself. 


Radiant Cut Diamonds – The Cut Guide

The table below offers general guidelines for inspecting and evaluating a radiant cut diamond. 


Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Table % 61 – 69 57 – 60
70 -72
54 – 56
73 – 74
51 – 53

75 – 79

< 51

> 79

Depth % 61 – 67 59 – 60.9
67.1 – 70
57 – 58.9


70.1 – 74

54 – 56.9


74.1 – 79



> 79

Girdie Very thin – slightly thick Very thin to thick Very thin to very thick Ex. thin to ex. thick
Culet None Very small Small Medium >Medium


Please note that you also need to look at the corners and ensure they’re not too wide or narrow. Radiant cut diamonds have cropped corners that add stability and must be symmetrical to maintain the diamond’s overall beauty. 


Like the radiant cut diamond, all diamonds have their guide, like the oval diamond guide, to help you find the perfect oval diamond. 

Why You Should Choose A 2 Carat Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Not only is this ring beautiful to look at, but it also has pure elegance and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a diamond that isn’t round cut. The 2 carat radiant engagement ring features a central diamond surrounded by a 70-facet pattern that captures the reflection of light, enhancing its beauty and the wearer’s beauty. 


The radiant cut might not be as brilliant and famous as the round-cut diamond, but it doesn’t fall far behind. Due to the 70 facets used in its pavilion and crown, the diamond offers a unique fire, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a less round diamond that has all the sparkle and shine.


The diamond’s cut and shallow design allow more of the diamond to be visible when set in a ring, appearing larger. Due to this feature, the radiant cut looks bigger than most other diamond cuts with the same carat weight. 


It’s still a diamond whether a diamond is one ct, two ct, etc. However, the difference between a 1-carat radiant cut diamond and a 2 carat radiant engagement ring is its size and weight of it. 


Determining The Cost of A Diamond Engagement Ring

There are four factors to consider when it comes to the price of an elegant engagement ring with a 2-carat radiant diamond. These are called the 4C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The radiant cut diamond is less-traditional and more luxurious, especially for color and cut. 


The price of your ring also depends on the setting you choose. You can pair the diamond with a simple yet elegant set, the solitaire setting, or any other setting you prefer. You can go with either the most expensive rings or choose a minimalist engagement ring, which will generally be cheaper. 


And although one would think that a 2 carat radiant engagement ring is more expensive than other rings, it is, in fact, more affordable. This is because of its cut, as a large percentage of the diamond is the original rough diamond. 

Diamond Certification

Ensure the diamond is certified when purchasing an engagement ring, like the 2 carat radiant engagement ring. You can also get certification for the 2 carat elongated cushion cut ring, horizontal oval diamond ring, and any other diamond ring. We encourage you to ensure the diamond has a valid certificate issued by the GIA or AGS. Several lab grading facilities issue reports and certificates, but some can be very shady, so you need to be careful. You also need to get an expert to look at the diamond’s appearance to ensure authenticity.    


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting events for both men and women, but choosing the perfect ring can be stressful. You want everything to be perfect, with just the right setting, emotions rising, and don’t forget, the ideal ring for your particular person. You want your proposal to be original, creative, and romantic. At Nature Sparkle, we have an entire collection of fine jewelry and engagement rings to add that extra personal touch to give your partner a meaningful and memorable moment in time.