Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be a complicated task. In order to make the best choice we recommend sticking with the classic designs: solitaire, halo, vintage and classic. The ring should definitely reflect who you are as a person, but it also should have the right style that will make you want to wear it for years to come. That’s why many of us choose the classic design of engagement rings.  Before we go ahead and present you with the top 5 classic rings let’s elaborate on  what makes it a classic ring

Detailed explanation of classic engagement rings

When thinking of a classic ring we immediately imagine a solitaire that has a natural sparkle. Usually, these types of rings are decorated with a band which has smaller diamonds all around it and it really makes the center diamond to stand out and receive a glamorous look.

If you are looking for that luxurious look and unique shape, solitaire and classic engagement rings can be an amazing option. Although a “traditional” round shaped diamond is a preferred option by most individuals, you can always explore different types of center diamonds like oval, cushion or pear. Additionally there is an option to add a double or even triple band which gives a massive look to the piece you’re wearing.

Besides the shape of the diamond, you should take in consideration the color of the engagement ring, and it’s a 100% personal preference. Up until not so long ago, you could see that yellow gold was the main player in the market, but recently we recognize a new star – white gold. Also rose gold and platinum are highly in demand so the verity of color is truly up to you.

Five most desirable engagement rings

When you look at Aria, you can see beauty and elegancy all in one item. This timeless ring is a perfect definition of a classic engagement ring. Adding a pave band to it will make the center diamond stand out.

aria engagement ring
Desire engagement ring

Our desire ring is ideal when you think of classic style with touch of modern pear shape. The halo diamond engagement ring features a band with smaller diamonds and you can choose between all types of gold or platinum.

The Delilah cushion ring has a lot of style into it. With 2 carat center stone and many well designed side diamonds, we get an impressive look and impeccable design. This ring really has a statement on your finger and any girl will be thrilled to receive it.

Delilah engagement ring
Dior engagement ring

We present you one of our best sellers – Dior. The oval diamond on this ring is clearer than oxygen, and The light that goes through the center diamond makes it shine like the sun.

Additionally, the ring has a beautiful  classic diamond pave’ band that gives it a sophisticated look.

The upcoming incredible oval cut ring is named Diana. With an astonishing massive 1.50 carat as a main stone, this ring is everything but ordinary. For those of you who look for a ring with presence and celebrity vibes, Diana is the one.

This ring comes in different typs of gold and platinum but we recommand the amazing rose gold color.

Diana engagement ring

When you shop for classic engagement rings, make the best research, and that includes viewing different types of rings on the internet and matching the right item to the love of your life.

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