Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

What Is an Engagement Ring Setting?

Setting refers to the method through which gemstones are fitted or fixed onto a metal ring. The purpose of the ring setting is to accentuate the splendor of an engagement diamond. This is true of all fine jewelry, but it’s especially important for a ring as special as your engagement ring to look its best.


The entire design aspect that the ring setting adds significantly to is referred to as style. Examples of different styles include halo, solitaire, and three-stone rings.


An engagement ring is far more than its appearance and sparkle. Diamond ring settings are also not a one-option item for everyone. In truth, one of the finest ways to customize your piece of jewelry is to select a distinctive engagement ring setting type.


Simply said, each engagement ring has a setting, however, the design you choose will have a strong influence on how it appears on the finger. What is most important, nevertheless, is that the setting is supposed to support the main stone securely.

Choosing The Right Diamond Ring Setting

The perfect diamond ring setting is determined by the central stone and also one’s particular style. Your daily routines might also influence your choice of diamond ring setting. If you live a busy lifestyle or constantly work with your hands, certain diamond ring settings, such as a high-setting, may suffer damage or fall out. A lower setting is also preferable for rings with bigger stones.


Chipping and tugging on a ring stone can be a source of concern for people who lead an active lifestyle. A bezel setting will entirely preserve the gem’s borders. 


Bezel settings, with their fresh and stylish appearance, unquestionably give the finest security.

A half bezel is used in some settings to retain the diamond in set. While it will still hold it firmly, it will not give the full coverage that a complete bezel could.


Prongs hold stones in position in several rings. Six or four prongs can be utilized for circular forms. Various creative forms may necessitate a varying number of prongs. 


V-shaped prongs may retain the sharp edges of heart forms, marquise and pear, protecting them from chipping.


Prongs can catch on garments, rendering them unsuitable for persons who lead an active lifestyle. Nonetheless, they enable the gemstone to stand out. 


This option gives protection as well as good lighting, but resizing is complex and costly. Certain settings use a tension style, in which the stone looks to be tension-set but is kept in place by frameworks behind the stone. Such settings enable ample light to reach the stone while also being easy to adjust.


A flush setting, often known as a hammer setting, is an antique style of gem-setting that offers excellent coverage for the gemstone. A jeweler creates a hole in the ring metal, inserts the gem, then hammers metal around it to secure it.


This arrangement offers excellent protection as well as a clean, subtle appearance. Just smaller stones are flush-set, unfortunately, because the diamond must be smaller than the band.

Rings Styles and Designs

Below are a few ring settings, styles, and designs explored, each highlighting how it stands out from the rest.

2-carat cushion cut diamond

A cushion-cut diamond is shaped like a pillow and is ideal for any engagement ring. The structure is geometric, however, the edges are arched and incredibly soft, so fitting a small diamond to the placement or pairing it with an attractive wedding band would make the ring stand out.


A two-carat diamond creates a huge impression without being overly flashy. This weight provides a decent fullness for the stone while being sleek and tasteful.

1.5-carat oval diamond ring

An oval engagement ring has an oval-cut diamond or a gemstone like a ruby or sapphire. Since 1957, elegant oval diamonds have been accessible. Ovals appear delicate and modern while remaining more ageless than trendier forms like pears or marquises.


Every oval diamond is uniquely different when choosing the best oval engagement ring. Some are long and narrow, while others are broad and rounded, with pointed tips and flattened ends that somewhat dip into pillow territory. The perfect oval diamond ring to go with depends on personal style, budget, and preference.

Elongated cushion cut diamond engagement rings

Cushion cuts that are elongated diamonds are lengthy and graceful, making them an excellent pick for engagement rings. Their form is thin, and therefore they can appear larger than some other cuts despite having similar carat weight. 


Aside from diamonds, the elongated cut works well with gemstones such as ruby, spinel, sapphire, and garnet.

3-carat pear diamond engagement rings

Choose a stone with a nice cut, such as a pear-shaped diamond with superb brilliance. A pear shaped ring also looks great in bespoke jewelry like solitaire pendants.


Choose a halo setting if you want to make your 3-carat pear-shaped diamond look bigger. A halo setting will also add dazzle and the diamond can shine out on its own with a solitaire setting.


The 3-carat pear appears to have the ideal dimensions for a pear diamond. The 3-carat pear’s size is particularly great for displaying how much the diamond can dazzle. In short, it is the sparkly engagement ring you could easily fall in love with. 3 carats is also an excellent size for when you truly want your diamond to stand out. This diamond, unlike lesser 1-carat diamonds, draws attention and controls a room.


The setting for your engagement ring is quite essential. It’s the first choice you should make in the process since it will influence what sort of diamond you ought to acquire to a certain level. The ring setting not only determines how the band appears but also determines which sort of diamond is the greatest option for you.


Some designs are delicate, clean, and graceful, making them good options for simplicity and everlasting beauty. Some are more artistic and eye-catching, with pavé or halo diamonds and etching to enhance the ring’s attractiveness. Finally, some are built to last, making them ideal for busy, active persons or those who work with their hands.