Fine Jewelry vs. Fashion Jewelry: What Is The Difference?

Fashion jewelry is often used to dress up an outfit, and though it may be visually like fine jewelry, the quality isn’t. Fine jewelry can be a symbol of love, success, and status, as well as a practical investment.

Fine jewelry is crafted from quality metals that uphold durability and stable structure. In contrast to fine jewelry, fashion jewelry holds a more contemporary feel. The features of these modern stone colors make the design appear brighter because of the colors.

Historically, fine jewelry has come to hold a great deal of prestige and symbolic value. Kings and queens have been buried with their most delicate jewels throughout history. In contrast, some families displayed their heirlooms as a mark of status.

An example of a piece of fine jewelry is an engagement ring. Engagement rings are a meaningful symbol of your engagement. They’re an outward expression of the love and long-term commitment you share, so it’s essential to find a ring that says “I love you” just as much as it says “I’m engaged!”

Fine Jewelry Lasts Longer—Fashion Jewelry Is About The Bling

If you’re setting a date for the big question, it’s time to go shopping. With the help of this guide, selecting the perfect gemstone is easier than you think.

The main difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry is that fine jewelry is of better quality with a higher price tag. It’s not just about the price, though; there are other differences to consider.

Metals and Materials

Fine jewelry is usually made from 18k or pure gold and precious metals like diamonds, gemstones, and platinum. Fashion jewelry is usually made from base metals, plastics, and synthetic materials. 


Famous designers often design fine jewelry that features diamonds or gemstones. Fashion jewelry is more mass-produced and designed by lesser-known designers. Fine jewelry is about quality and design; fashion jewelry is about trends.

Trademark & Logo

The trademark of fine jewelry is the mark of quality. A company’s logo or name engraved on fashion jewelry doesn’t have particular significance, quality, or price.

Cost & Value

Jewelers can appraise your fine jewelry to ensure its authenticity and provide a lifetime warranty to cover any repairs. Fine jewelry may have a higher resale value because of the item’s appraised price tag. Fashion jewelry does not carry these same guarantees or that kind of value.

Retail Value

Fashion jewelry is available at all price points, ranging from inexpensive to quite expensive. Fine jewelry also comes at various price points, but generally speaking, it’s much more expensive than fashion jewelry. A $50 ring from a department store might be considered “fashion.” Still, it doesn’t compare to the beauty and craftsmanship of authentic fine jewelry. 

Just Because a Ring Is Shiny Doesn’t Mean It’s Fine Jewelry

The brilliant round cut is the most popular diamond shape in engagement rings. This style features 58 facets and looks like a drop of water when viewed from above. It’s tough to find a fault in this cut, and it’s considered by many to be the perfect shape for an engagement ring because it’s so visually striking.

A diamond cut with a brilliant round style reflects the light out of all 360 degrees, resulting in superior brilliance and fire. But if one or more facets are misaligned, this can cause some light leakage, which results in less brilliance and sparkle.

Fine Jewelry: Oval diamond rings and pear-shaped rings have been renowned for centuries for their beauty. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that their shine lasts for generations. Precious metals like gold and platinum are hypoallergenic. They never tarnish or discolor and rarely need repair or maintenance.

Fashion Jewelry: They design their products to complement current fashion trends. Jewelry created by a fashion jeweler can match any outfit and any occasion, but the design will be in style for only a limited amount of time. 

Fine Jewelry Is Meant To Be Kept for Generations 

Fine jewelry is more than just gold, diamonds, and precious stones. It’s often a family heirloom or an engagement ring passed down through generations. Fine jewelry holds historical significance and prestige attached to it. Jewelry that is heirloom quality is a 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring, 1.5-carat oval diamond ring, or a 3-carat pear ring. They can be passed down generation after generation to a daughter or son as an heirloom. They can be accompanied by the story of the ring’s history and where it came from in your generation.

True Love Is Priceless, but Engagement Rings Sometimes Have a Hefty Price Tag

When it comes to buying sparkly engagement rings, there’s no shortage of hefty price tag options. Ring choices include elongated cushion cut diamond engagement rings and a combination of diamond-sapphire rings. But what sets exemplary jewelry engagement rings apart from others?

Fine jewelry is created by expert craftsmen who use precious metals and gems, making each piece unique. When you invest in fine jewelry, you invest in the piece’s beauty and its quality and craftsmanship.

But fashion jewelry is often mass-produced in factories and sold to people at low prices. It can be bought in stores or online and is often made of non-precious metals like zinc or tin. Many fashion pieces are made to look like precious stones.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend—and getting a diamond of excellent quality will show your commitment, not only to your fiancé but to quality and beauty.


It’s not just what you say to a woman; it’s how you say it that counts. The wrong piece of jewelry can say quite a bit about your thoughtfulness, taste, and style. Do you know the difference between fine and fashionable jewelry? 

If not, understanding their differences can make the difference in making the right impression. When looking for an heirloom-quality adornment that will last a lifetime, you want to be sure you are choosing a product of the highest quality.