Art in Process: Handcrafted Engagement Rings

So you decided to pop the question, and you’re thinking of taking a more unconventional route to get your better half an engagement ring? Perhaps you’ve taken a look at the options and you don’t like what’s on the market, or you want to invest in something unique that still says fine jewelry. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Please stick with us to take a deeper look into handcrafted engagement rings.

Advantages of Handcrafted Engagement Rings

A few advantages come with deciding to look into handcrafted engagement rings. For example, you have the freedom to design your engagement ring. There are so many options on the market, and seeing all these options may leave you confused and disheartened. Having a designated design can save you many different trips to the jewelry store. 


Another fantastic thing about deciding to look into handcrafted engagement rings is the freedom to choose your budget. It’s been said that designing your engagement ring may be costly, but it all depends on what materials you’re using and what design you choose. You’ll be able to sit with the jeweler and look at all your options, get a breakdown of the cost, and get expert advice on what to do. 


You’ll have the opportunity to decide on what materials you want to use. This is a significant design game-changer because there are so many options; getting creative with materials can make your engagement ring look amazing. You get to choose what kind of gemstone you’d like to use and if you want to use gold or stainless steel. This also allows you to look at your partner and their lifestyle and find a ring that fits their lifestyle and needs. 


Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the advantages, we can look at some of the materials you can use and give you a brief look at the expenses. Apart from the beautiful diamond or gemstone, your engagement ring should be able to withstand the test of time. Choosing to go with a material that does not only compliment the stone but is also durable plays a crucial part in the process of crafting your own engagement ring. 


The actual band is one of the essential parts of the ring. There are many options in this department. Gold, for example, can come in three different colors, which are yellow, white, and rose. Rose gold is a mixture of copper and pure gold. It would be best to keep in mind that gold on its own isn’t very durable, but when mixed with other alloys it becomes stronger. The advantage of gold is that it doesn’t tarnish or rust. This is an amazing choice for someone who deals with a lot of water or does a lot with their hands. It’s also one of the most oxidation-resistant and corrosion-proof metals on the market. This means that the gold item won’t rust or be damaged by exposure to water. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is also another brilliant option for handcrafted engagement rings because it’s very budget-friendly. It’s also incredibly durable and can hold any gemstone in place. Jewelers don’t particularly like using stainless steel for gemstones of a higher carat because setting an expensive diamond within a low-cost metal such as stainless steel is often viewed as a design faux-pas. 



Platinum is a very popular metal to use for fine jewelry as it’s a hypoallergenic metal that can be up to 95% pure metal, hence the high price tags attached to this metal. Platinum is also more durable than gold and its density means that it will take longer to wear away. This makes platinum one of the best metals to go for when opting for a more durable metal. 


Pure silver is an extremely soft metal and highly malleable. Making an engagement ring from this specific metal will result in a ring that isn’t made to last. The best option would be to go for sterling silver, which contains pure silver (92.5%) alloyed with copper (7.5%) to give it more strength.


This is probably one of the most popular options for men as it’s very durable, comfortable to wear, maintains its appearance, and is more affordable than gold.  


We can’t forget about the star of the show, which is the gemstone. There are many gemstone options on the market, and each one has its value. Diamonds are classified as gemstones and placed in their category. You can ask your jeweler about diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and many more. There are so many options in this department, and they can help make your handcrafted engagement ring look as unique as the person you’re giving it to. If you are searching for a unique design, you could also look at elongated cushion-cut diamond engagement rings. 

When designing, you also get to decide how big or small you want your gemstones to be. You get to see different carat sizes, and you get to choose whether you want a 2-carat cushion-cut diamond or if you want something different like a 1.5 oval diamond ring or even a 3-carat pear. There are many guides out there to help you pick the perfect gemstone, such as the oval diamond guide and many others to help you understand.



Now that we’ve taken a look at the materials, let’s take a look at some of the costs you may encounter. The price of handcrafted engagement rings might fall heavily on the gemstone; in many cases, 80% of the cost of the ring will be on the gemstone you choose. 


Let’s say you’re looking at sparkly engagement rings as an option for your better half. Did you know that the shape of the diamond will affect the price? The price of your diamond ring will be affected by color, carat, shape, fluorescence, and clarity. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it’ll be. The most expensive cut of a diamond is the brilliant round cut because a large amount of the original shape is cut away. Still, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable, then you can take a look at an oval diamond ring or a pear-shaped ring. You can add your designs, but the advantage of this type of design is that it looks bigger than it is, which would serve your handcrafted engagement ring options well.

How to Find a Jeweler

This is the most crucial part. You need to understand that making a handcrafted ring takes time and precision; everything needs care. This is why crafting handmade engagement rings is an art. 


Unfortunately, you can’t allow just anyone to craft your handcrafted engagement ring. It would be best to find a qualified jeweler who uses legally acquired gemstones and materials. To find a jeweler, you can look online or use word-of-mouth. When looking online, you can look at the GIA Alumni Association and ask for qualifications and references. 



Handcrafted engagement rings have become increasingly popular. You need to understand what you are looking for and understand your budget. Still, most importantly, you need to find a qualified jeweler, someone to give you the right advice and do a quality job because handcrafting engagement rings is an art.