What You Should Know About Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is an official announcement of the special bond between two people. What better way to make that announcement than with a hidden halo that screams all things decadent? It takes a special lady with exquisite taste to see and appreciate the hidden halo setting. Find out all there is to know about how the hidden halo is making waves this engagement season.


The Hidden Halo

The ever-so-attractive hidden halo setting has taken the world of wedding trends by storm in every way you can think of. Famous trendsetters have been flaunting their signature pieces with pride, and the public is loving every moment of it. This trend is gaining momentum and flooding social media while rising as a popular statement piece.


Although this can be seen as an innovative and unique take on the traditional halo design, it’s perfectly designed for those brides with a flair for a hidden sparkle. This iconic love symbol has been around for more than a decade and is only now becoming one of the most popular and sought-after setting styles along with the one carat radiant cut diamond, elongated cushion cut, and the horizontal oval diamond rings.


The Hidden halo engagement ring is similar to the classic halo design but can be classified as the under halo setting, which is one of the more minimalistic ring designs out there. The halo serves as a base for the central diamond, hence the term “hidden”. The top view gives you a disguised image of the halo, but from another angle, it stands out and adorns the center stone, giving the bride-to-be an exquisite design altogether. The hidden halo gives you a view that makes the diamond appear bigger. The row of tiny diamonds accentuates the main stone to give it an even bigger and better brilliance.


Pairs Beautifully With Others

Not only is this setting stunning, but it’s also one of the most secure. The hidden halo can be paired with anything and relates well to every engagement ring accessory. This noticeable statement piece is designed to have wide appeal and relates to every lady with a deep love for all things brilliantly bright. It accommodates all types of diamond shapes while giving you the platform to play around with a variety of other different brands, colors, gemstones, metals, other settings, and shapes. 


The hidden halo speaks to all the ladies who love glamour, as this setting can add emphasis on the center stone, making it appear bigger. It allows every special bride to be creative with diamonds of multiple colors around the band without overpowering the main stone for that unique look with a pop of color. The gracious lady who likes to keep it dainty and petite is also accommodated with the option of recreating a minimalist engagement ring and matching it with the Delphine one carat radiant cut diamond.


Another romantic gesture that carries sentimental value is keeping the diamond you love and designing a new chic wedding band. This will give your ring a whole new look while holding onto the memories of your old engagement ring.   It’s  the perfect way to upgrade your engagement ring without losing touch with the special moment


Hidden halo bands can either be rose gold, white gold, yellow twisted, straight,  it can be intricately designed with a double hidden halo to match the center stone.


Regardless of the style you prefer, it’s your ring, and it’s all about you. The aim is to make sure that you enjoy your engagement ring every day leading up to your wedding day and forever thereafter.


Shopping For a Hidden Halo


There’s a wide variety of hidden halo engagement rings to look out for. You can select from an existing design like the Paris two-carat elongated cushion cut, Marne- Emerald Cut, Addison round cut diamond, Amalfi Rose elongated cushion cut, or enjoy the process of personalizing your bespoke piece. Because some hidden halos are more subtle while others command attention, you have the power to recreate something enchanting for an engagement ring that stands as unique as the love it represents. These luxurious hidden halo designs display shine and glamour without conforming to old traditions.


The hidden halo fits perfectly with other diamond cuts and is mainly attributed to making any stone shine brighter no matter the shape. This allows for plenty of creativity to add more diamond pieces to the band and compliment the center stone. This way, the bride has room to look at all possibilities and explore every available option. You can also browse through the oval diamond guide to maximize your options and get a little taste of a bit of everything. The guide includes all there is to know about oval cut engagement rings and a snippet piece about horizontal oval diamond rings.


Mixing and switching things up is also an option. You can create a stunning piece and pair it with an elegant touch of stackable ’le diamant’ wedding bands. Whether you choose to display these bands as engagement rings or fashion rings, it’s entirely up to you. 


The hidden halo exudes great beauty in more ways than one, and still competes with many other popular settings such as the halo, pave prong, and solitaire, to name a few. As much as the hidden halo is highly mainstream, it’s safe to admit that this precious trend will be around maintaining its beauty and value for a while.


In Short

An engagement ring stands for the promise of a lifelong marriage, devotion, and commitment. The circle of the band symbolizes infinity with no beginning and no end. This has become a universal sign of eternal love and faithfulness. A hidden halo engagement ring is guaranteed to add an artisanal touch to any fine jewelry piece while not distracting from the center stone. It comes in many different designs and styles that will make sure you stand out from the crowd in a magical way. Head over to Nature Sparkle or visit our online store for a viewing of some of the most delicate hidden halo designs to give you that secret sparkle.