Make Your Own – Custom Made Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring should not only sparkle brightly, but also reflect every aspect of your character. Some couples choose to design custom made engagement rings that are as distinctive as their love. After all, a ring is something you’ll be wearing every day, and it should be something you cherish. 

No piece of jewelry is more unique, personal, or rewarding than one that is tailored to suit all of your wishes. When you start to imagine your ideal diamond, the colors and designs from your history come out to play. With professional advice from our jewelry designers, here’s everything you need to know about designing personalized engagement rings.

Custom Pieces Take More Time

Custom made engagement rings can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete, depending on a variety of aspects in the design process. If you’re in a hurry, start the process early to ensure it arrives on time. We will begin casting your ring after you have approved the drawings for your custom made engagement rings. 

After the ring has been cast and polished, the stones will be set. Customizations like Gandia elaborates and micropavé are crafted by hand by the jewelers during this step, which is why your one-of-a-kind band or ring may take longer to complete than a ring made from a mold which requires less knowledge and personal touch. 

Always Set Your Budget

Many people feel that designing fine jewelry is costly and time-consuming, but this is simply not true. You should set a budget that is suitable for you, rather than following the conventional advice of spending the majority of your annual pay on an engagement ring. The size, color, and clarity of the center stone and the design are the main aspects that affect the price of custom made engagement rings. 

The exact cost will be determined by the stones, metals, and any embellishments you select as part of your design. The diamond’s carat weight will have a significant influence on its look and, of course, its price. Diamond prices rise with carat weight.

Share Your Inspiration With The Jeweler

We’re here to help you realize your dreams, but no jeweler can read your mind, so you’ll need to collaborate closely with your designer to show them precisely what you’re looking for. Visual clues and visual inspirations are the most vital things to have when starting the process. 

You can use Pinterest boards, Instagram photographs, or any other images as inspiration for constructing a unique ring. If you like the band on one ring, the setting on another ring, and the color of the stone on a third ring, you may use ideas from numerous places when making your own design.

Choose Your Center Stone And Side Stones

We cannot stress the significance of choosing the right stone to compliment the style and occasion of your engagement ring enough. Allow your instinct to guide you while choosing a stone rather than following your rationale. A diamond sparkles in its own special manner, regardless of what it says on the piece of paper. The best thing to do is keep all of the specs hidden and go with your gut instinct.

Custom made engagement rings are much more expressive because each stone has its own distinct physical qualities and personal meaning. The cut, color, and clarity of a diamond are just as important as its carat weight in determining how it looks. It’s crucial to filter the stones you’re looking at based on these variables to prevent purchasing a stone that isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

We offer a wide selection of custom made engagement rings and wedding bands, including the following popular options:

Choose Your Cut And Shape

You’ll need to decide on a cut and shape in addition to the stone. You may also choose to keep your diamond uncut or “raw.” Raw diamonds aren’t cut to match any setting for a distinctive look. They are put on a band precisely as they were found, and the setting is custom-made to fit the stone.

When creating custom made engagement rings, you should carefully evaluate your shape possibilities since they will affect how the band appears on your finger. Examine the many diamond shapes and how each one is distinct in its own way.

The following are examples of traditional ring cuts: 

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Oval
  • Radiant
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Asscher
  • Heart

Choose Your Setting And Design

It might be difficult to commit to a design. The ring setting is important in terms of how the band appears and in terms of which diamond kind is appropriate for you. There are more options for settings than there are diamond shapes. You’ll need to choose the correct setting after you’ve decided on a stone and form. 

The setting you select has a significant influence on the final appearance of your engagement ring, so be sure it suits and compliments your stone choice as well as your lifestyle. Some settings are more durable than others, while others let more light into the diamond, enhancing its brightness. 

Each engagement ring type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some varieties, for example, are light, simple, and beautiful, making them ideal for a companion who appreciates traditional and timeless beauty. Like a trilogy ring, others are more extravagant and contain ornamental embellishments such as a diamond halo or numerous stones.

Choose Your Metals

Engagement rings can be made out of a variety of metals, including 9ct and 18ct gold. One or more of the following options are available to you:

  • White Gold 
  • Yellow Gold 
  • Rose Gold 
  • Platinum 

Enjoy The Process

Rather than stressing over it, you should enjoy the process. Choosing an engagement ring is a beautiful experience. It’s personal and considerate. Your ring is a representation of everything your relationship is and strives to be. Take your time and enjoy crafting it since you have a one-of-a-kind love, and you need a ring that will tell that unique love tale. 

This is why so many individuals choose to create their own engagement ring, not just to ensure that you get precisely what you want but also to enjoy the thrill of creating something together. It may take a bit more effort, but the ultimate product is well worth it. While this may appear to be a difficult task, creating custom made engagement rings is actually rather simple when working with the right jewelers.