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How To Match Your Wedding Band To Your Other Jewelry

Buying a wedding band is always a big and exciting step, whether you’re buying it for yourself, your special someone, for a man or a woman. It’s the one piece of jewelry you’ll always be wearing, your statement piece. As such, it’s the one piece of jewelry you want to ensure matches your style and other fine jewelry pieces you’ve acquired over the years. Whether that style would better suit a minimalist wedding band or more striking designs, here are a few things to consider when buying your wedding ring.

Match Your Existing Style

Everyone wants their engagement rings and wedding bands to be unique, but nothing good comes from picking a ring that goes against your existing jewelry preferences. If you only wear silver jewelry, buying a gold wedding band might not be the best choice. If you’re uncomfortable with oversized rings, go for a minimalist engagement ring and band instead. This is something you’ll constantly wear, so make sure you or your partner will be comfortable wearing it. There are nine common diamond shapes, vintage, classic and modern designs and many more options to ensure you end up with the perfect and delicate wedding band. Start your search by contemplating the following:


  • Are most of your existing jewelry gold, silver, platinum gold, rose gold, etc.?
  • Do you wear bold statement pieces or prefer the more subtle fine jewelry?
  • Do you have a lot of colored jewelry, either semi-precious stones or precious stones like emeralds, etc.?
  • Do you have a specific cut most of your jewelry follows, like round, tear-shaped, square, etc.?
  • Do you wear modern designs, classic designs or vintage designs more?
  • Is your engagement ring big and striking or do you have a minimalist engagement ring?


These are the starting questions you should ask. If you have a very sparkly engagement ring, a plain wedding band might be better. If you have a minimalist engagement ring with one diamond, an eternity band might compliment it better instead. Of course, it’s not to say your wedding band needs to be a carbon copy of your other jewelry, but nothing looks better than when your other pieces complement your statement piece. 

Choose Your Cut

With nine common diamond cuts and hundreds of designs, it’s easy to get lost when choosing the perfect cut for your engagement ring. The cut of your engagement ring influences the design of your wedding band, so it’s important to first look at what your engagement ring will look like. The section below will give you a quick look at what cut suits what style best.

Cushion Cut Diamond

This shape is generally seen as romantic and classy, its square stone with rounded edges being a timeless and vintage shape for wedding bands. You can go with the classic square cushion cut shape, or the elongated cushion cut, as both are easy to pair with most jewelry pieces.

Round Cut

The round shape is seen as the most elegant of designs and is definitely one of the classic shapes. It pairs easily with most jewelry due to its simplistic shape, but don’t underestimate the power of a cut that’s lasted more than 100 years.

Princess Cut 

Another favorite, this distinctly square cut is both stylish and flexible. Paired with round diamonds on the band or standing proud on a plain band, this sharp-edged design stands out above the classic designs.

Emerald Cut 

If you’re looking for a statement piece, look no further. The shallow structure and rich outline of this design emphasize the radiance and shade of the diamond. It’s definitely a bold choice and can be worn classically by setting it vertically or in a more modern fashion in a horizontal setting.

Asscher Cut 

Another bold cut, the Asscher shape with its step cut features a high crown that ensures it’s seen. This square with cut corners is the perfect shape for the more vintage-style looks. Its solitaire setting ensures it’s the center of attention.

Radiant Cut 

This design ensures it is the centerpiece of any other jewelry you’ll be wearing. A mix between the Emerald Cut and Round cut, this brilliant shape emphasizes the sparkle of your diamond and requires more carat weight to optimize this brilliance.

Pear Cut 

This shape helps elongate your fingers and the teardrop shape offers a different style than the most classic ones. It’s a design paired well with combination bands and the marquise style. It’s an excellent way to have a minimalistic design while remaining unique.

Marquise Cut

Another shape that elongates the fingers, this cut has pointed closures and a bent center. Its design augments its surface territory, creating a bold look paired with most settings. 

Oval Cut

This shape is easily the most adaptable and by looking at the Oval Diamond Guide, you can customize it to fit almost any style. From the more modern horizontal oval diamond ring to the classic vertical oval ring, it’s a good option if you wear a variety of different styled jewelry.

Mix and Match

At the end of the day, you want a ring that you’re happy with and that you don’t mind seeing every day on your finger or the finger of your loved one. Whether it’s a 2 carat elongated cushion cut with plain bands either side or a 1 carat radiant cut diamond ring with an eternity band, it should be one you want to show off to friends and family. The four C’s are a big help in choosing your wedding ring (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat), but if it doesn’t speak to you, it doesn’t matter if it has fulfilled those conditions. Everyone has a style; whether it’s to mix and match jewelry or only wear gold jewelry, it’s best to stick with your tried and tested style. 


The essential point to remember is that your wedding band becomes part of your person and is  a staple part of your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to coordinate with your other jewelry in every single instance. As the pièce de résistance of your outfit, it doesn’t always have to match perfectly, just as all your jewelry doesn’t have to be the same metal. A two-tone look for your jewelry is a great way to create a unique and glamorous look without having to pile on the gems. So keep in mind the guidelines to matching your wedding band with your other jewelry, but don’t let that be the defining factor when choosing your forever ring.