The difference between Cushion cut and Asscher cut diamonds

Looking for engagements rings or rings, in general, can be a tedious task, especially when you’re looking for fine jewelry. There are many facets to rings, such as diamond cuts and carats. We’ll be looking at the differences between cushion cut and Asscher cut diamonds, and add a little more information to help you make the right choice. 

What’san Asscher cut diamond?

An Asscher cut diamond is also known as a square emerald cut. Usually, these diamonds come in an almost square shape when they’re looked at from the top, but they do have cut corners which help with allowing the light to enter the diamond. 


A typical Asscher cut diamond has about 50 or 58 facets. The facets in a diamond refer to how many flat surfaces there are on a diamond or any other gemstone.. Usually, these are arranged in a geometric pattern. These facets help add sparkle to the diamond. 


An Asscher cut diamond has an ideal length to width ratio of 1 to 1.04. 

What’s a cushion-cut diamond?

A cushion cut diamond is cut like a cushion – hence the name. Cushion cut diamonds are cut into a square-like shape with cut corners and are not too far off from old mine cut diamonds. They’re thought to have a vintage look, but modern cushion cut diamonds have the advantage of modern-day cut faceting.


If you’re looking for a vintage-style ring with modern-day engineering, then this is a perfect match.

Alternative diamond cuts

The beautiful thing about cushion cut diamonds is that they’re the more affordable option and a better alternative if you were looking for a round cut diamond. If you’re really running on a budget, then you may also want to take a look at an oval diamond cut ring; these also tend to be more affordable. For the oval diamond cut, you may need an oval diamond guide just to help you decide. You can also opt for a horizontal oval diamond ring which is also affordable, and they’re equally attractive. 

What’s the difference between an Asscher cut diamond and a cushion cut diamond?

Although these diamonds may look the same, they’re not. A cushion cut diamond has more rounded corners, yet when we look at Asscher cut diamonds, we get truncated edges. This means that the edges on an Asscher cut diamond are cut which then also allows for more light to enter the diamond.


The reason why the difference between the two is not as visible is that many rings have prongs. These prongs help support the diamond and keep it in place. This is why some people can’t tell the difference between an Asscher cut diamond and a cushion cut diamond. 

Different cushion cut diamonds

Before we take a look into the different types of cut cushion diamonds, it’s essential to know that the sizes of this cut may vary according to carat size.


There are four main types of cushion cuts used in an engagement ring: old mine, cushion modified – which is also known as crushed ice, brilliant, and cushion modified, which is also known as a hybrid. 

Old Mine Cushion Cut

Known as the oldest style of cushion cut and is known for its bulky geometric facets. 

Brilliant Cut 

This cut was introduced after the Old Mine Cut, which dates back to the 1700s and is known for its brilliant light return. Their brilliance is often compared to the brilliant round diamond.

Cushion Modified

This cut is also known as the “crushed Ice” cut and is also the most recent to be introduced by the cushion cut.

Cushion Modified (Hybrid)

This cut is a combination of the brilliant and “crushed ice” facet patterns, hence the name Hybrid. This cut has a larger look for its actual carat size and is known to be quite similar to the cushion brilliant. 


Cushion-cut diamonds can also be elongated and are called elongated cushion cuts. They have a longer structure and take on a more rectangular shape. Like the usual cushion cut, these diamond cuts have a more rounded shape at the edges. Popular elongated cushion cuts options people include the 2 carat elongated cushion cut and the more conservative 1 carat elongated cushion cut which, despite its size, is a good option if you’re interested in minimalist engagement rings.

Different Asscher cut diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds are only divided into two different categories, which are standard Asscher cut and Royal Asscher cut. 


A standard Asscher cut diamond is similar to an emerald cut and is typically used interchangeably by jewelers. A standard Asscher cut diamond has 58 facets, and anybody can now use this cut. Previously these cuts would have a patent on them; however, this is no longer the case.


A royal Asscher cut diamond has an extra touch because facets are added to the outside of the cut. This helps remove some of the darker elements found in specific cuts. It gives the ring a certain kind of elegance. 

The engagement ring checklist

It’s crucial to have a rough idea of what you are looking for in an engagement ring. Having a checklist can help you stick to the initial plan because going into a jewelry store and seeing all the different rings can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of crucial factors one must take into account when searching for the perfect engagement ring:


The first thing you’ll need to decide on is a budget. Having a budget can narrow down your search for the perfect engagement ring. It also helps the assistant narrow down your cut. The more facets a diamond cut, the more work it will require and the more expensive it will be. The most expensive diamond cut is the round brilliant because of how much precision goes into it. However, if this isn’t within your budget, you could take a look at a 1 carat radiant diamond cut or even horizontal oval diamond rings, which are more affordable than a round brilliant cut diamond and just as pretty.


Measure the finger of the ring-wearer. This is a highly overlooked part of finding an engagement ring; however, it’s the most important. Ensuring that the ring fits plays a critical role because you don’t want to have to go in for a resize. There are many ways to find out the ring size of someone’s finger. You could use the string method, which is just taking a string and measuring with that string. 


Something to also look out for is taste. Buy something that your partner will appreciate and something that compliments their style. Ask friends and family for help if you’re struggling. 


Diamonds are one of the most precious gemstones. The biggest difference between an Asscher cut diamond, and a cushion cut diamond is their corners. Although the difference in corners isn’t visible to the naked eye, they make a big difference in the cost of a diamond. Choose what’s best for you and what works for you. 


When looking for a diamond ring, do your best to look for the finest quality diamonds. Although the cuts may be different there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your personal tastes and likes.

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