Why the Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Is the Winning Shape

There’s a lot that goes into choosing an engagement ring for the person you plan to on spend the rest of your life with. Not only do you want this piece to take your partner’s breath away the moment you show it to them, but you also want the ring to translate every emotion and feeling you have for them on this one centerpiece. 


Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, and going the extra mile to pick the perfect engagement ring for your partner requires a bit of focus and attention. Yes, diamonds are an ideal option for most engagement rings, however, choosing the right shape depends on a few factors like what kind of elements you’re looking for and what kind of traits your partner has. 


But out of the several diamond shapes to choose from, one specific shape certainly takes the prize, and that’s the marquise diamond engagement ring. So if you’re keen on learning why this is so, then stick around for more. 


Diamond Shapes: Basics You Should Know

Honestly speaking, there’s so much more to life than the traditional and classic round diamond shape. Over the years, different diamond shapes have launched, and with the introduction of custom fine jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings can now be anything you’d like them to be. 


Over the years, different diamond shapes have made an entrance of their own by catering to design and element specifications requested by customers with different tastes. However, some diamond cuts have become more popular than others. These would be your:

  • Round brilliant
  • Princess
  • Marquise
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Asscher


But out of the popular list of diamond shapes we’ve mentioned above, we’d like to turn our focus to the marquise diamond shape and show you why it continues to remain the winning shape time and time again. 

The Marquise Diamond

The one trait that sets the marquise diamond apart from other diamond shapes is the elongated shape it has with the pointed ends. Once you take a closer look at it, you’ll tend to find that typically, marquise diamond shapes have 58 facets. 


Because of their long and narrow shape, these diamonds can create this amazing illusion in the mind that suggests that the diamond is of greater size in physical appearance. And because the shape also happens to be elongated and flatter, the finger appears to look longer and slimmer.


Depending on where you are, the marquise diamond is also known to be:

  • Boat-shaped
  • Football-shaped
  • Eye-shaped
  • Navette


Because of its dramatic look, perhaps the shape wouldn’t be too ideal for partners who prefer minimalist engagement rings. For this reason, we’d probably place it in the league of diamond cuts that make a statement of their own, like your elongated cushion cut diamonds or horizontal oval diamond ring


Two-carat elongated cushion cut and one-carat radiant cut diamonds can also accentuate just as much brilliance as the marquise diamond shape. However, slight differences can make the two slightly different in shape. 


For partners who would love an engagement ring that calls for the attention of its own, the two-carat elongated cushion cut is perfect because of its considerable stone size. Then you have the one-carat radiant cut diamond that has 70 facets while the marquise diamond only has 58. 


From this, you can see the subtle balance that the marquise diamond has. The size is right between not being too big to call too much attention and far from being too small to see it as minimalistic. 


Also, it’s a somewhat “safe” option to choose if you’re unsure of what your partner would like, especially if you know they are far from wanting something too simple but aren’t keen on asking to then give the surprise away. 


A marquise diamond engagement ring isn’t a shape that you’d commonly find within the range of available engagement rings. This factor adds to why this remains a winning shape as partners who appreciate unique and less trendy jewelry pieces can delight in loose diamond shapes like these. 

How to Pick the Best Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

As you’d find with an oval diamond guide, there are also readily available guides that you can use to choose the best marquise diamond engagement ring on the market. We’ve summarized your go-to points into three simple aspects based on color, symmetry, and clarity. 


To choose the perfect marquise diamond engagement ring, you need to consider the color. With this diamond shape, the color tends to be more accentuated in the ends because they’re narrower.


G and H colored diamonds will look quite similar, so opt for a stone that’s always one color grade above the actual color that you’re looking for. This will help you achieve a less yellow effect in all the dramatic corners of the ring. 


Whenever you choose a diamond, you need to ensure that its symmetrical. Because of the asymmetrical shape that marquise cuts have, any irregularities will be easily spotted, unlike cushion cuts. 


So with your marquise diamond engagement ring, always ensure that the two pointed ends are aligned with one another. It’s always best to opt for a diamond with excellent symmetry specs. 


When discussing diamond clarity, we suggest that you avoid diamonds with visible inclusions within the central portion of the gem. If your diamond has any inclusions on the pointed ends, it may end up being covered by the prongs once the diamond is set in the ring.


The larger the carat size, the more crucial it will be to choose a higher clarity grade diamond. During ring setting, make sure that the points of the marquise diamond are protected. This is to prevent the ends from cracking or chipping. 


In Conclusion

You can select your ideal engagement ring based on what you feel would translate your love language best. However, no two diamond shapes are the same; different cuts target different personalities, and finding the right shape to match your personality is crucial when selecting a piece of jewelry. Either way, the marquise diamond cut remains a winning shape every time. It gives the illusion of a larger surface area, which is vital to consider when trying to maximize the perceived size of the diamond. This eye-shaped diamond is a timeless classic and exemplifies elegance, an ideal cut for those who prefer a striking design with glamorous appeal. 

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